The water temperature on Big Lake continues to fall and at mid week was running from 54 to 56 degrees. Winter patterns are falling in to places. I suggest anglers slow down their presentations and choose slightly different rigs. You can also try using a lighter jig head such as a one-quarter ounce instead of the three-eighths ounce which is the Big Lake standard size. The small size will slow the rate of fall of the bait slightly and will often times get you a few more bites from cold, lethargic fish.

Anglers are also wading the shorelines with suspending baits such as a Super Rogue, Corky or Catch 2000. Other baits also work on this slow, methodical pattern such as a Gulp! Jerk Shad in the 5 and 7 inch size. These baits are deadly for big trout when worked very slowly with numerous pauses. This is not a numbers pattern but a pattern for those looking for trophy trout. Reports of several 4 – 7 pounders have been taken on this presentation during the past week.